Water is a symbol of regeneration and purification, since the existence of mankind.

El Spa’s objective is to regenerate and purify.

Everything revolves around well-being, in its most natural and delicate way, for those who decide to re-oxygenate both body and soul, with the awareness that our physical wellbeing influences the mind and vice versa, and that stress must be reduced, turning into a good, controlled stress, heart of our daily life, and not dictator of our biorhythms.

El Spa offers its guests a wide selection of treatments:


Regenerate your body and mind with a Hammam.

Mandi Lulur

Relax yourself with the Indonesian treatment Mandi Lulur.

El’s Pools

Keep away the stress with the suggestive El Pools.


Cuddle yourself with our massages.

Face treatments

Take care of your face with our beauty proposals.

Hairs removal

Discover the effective softness of our Arab depilation.

We care and respect the environment. The products that we use (vegetable oils, creams, soils) are 100% natural. The materials that we use (bathrobes, towels) are in natural fiber.
In compliance with sanitary rules, all of our supplies are selected based on principles of sustainable criteria.

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